How to show intrestial ad, after every 5 click

How to show intrestial ad, after every 5 click
Button1 {open another screen1}
Button2 {open another screen2}
Button3 {open another screen3}
Button4 {open another screen4}

if I do activity{5 clicks} in any screen
then I want to show intrestial ads

You won’t get many users if you make something like this. Changes are you will not be allowed to monetize this.

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I create a pdf app
and I don’t want to show ads on specific button
I want to show ads by user activity{click}

Create any Variable. For Ex. Ad Count
Set Ad_Count=0
When User Click Button
Set Global Ad_Count= Global Ad-Count+1

When Global Ad_Count=5
Show Interstitial Ads


I will do that
when button clicks - open another screen and back then count is start again

Use a tinyDB to store the value and then retrieve the value on any screen. I would recommend you implement a timer alongside the clicks to only show and ad if the click count > 5 AND the time since last ad is over 2min. Otherwise you will annoy your users.

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Why are we giving this person the solution?

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Hopefully they take my advice and implement a 2 minute timer.

Peter’s advice.

Was my advice not good? Please let me know why.

Peter pointed out the issue, I offered a solution.

No one wants ads in a pdf app. It seems inappropriate to me.

Personally, I immediately uninstall apps that show ads after a while. . one while I’m in the app is OK, but a timer? No.

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