Store ad click in Tiny Db problem

my app is almost completed with the help of kodular community support now i am having problem i want to show interstitial adds after every 5 clicks there are 4 button on my main screen each open another screen whenever user press on one of the 4 button 1 click should be counted in tiny db after user return to main screen the click stored must be counted 1 but here is a problem when every i click on any button it open another screen but the count becomes zero again and interstitial adds shown i have attached the aia someone please help me to solve that problem i want to keep tiny db store clicked even after user return back to main screen i user has clicked btn 1 after return he clicked btn 2 then when he return to main screen again there should be 2 click stored in tiny db
demoprojecttinydb.aia (17.1 KB)

demoprojecttinydb (1).aia (17.4 KB)

Try this i hope it works. i just changed the else if to >= 4: store tinydb value 0

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thanks let me try

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