How to Solve This Problem Any One Help me

How to Solve This Problem I cann face this error i will call all tag from firebase & show in colintree listview after implement this error is coming

Show blocks

please remove the characters. like _ star etc.

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Show your blocks please.

wait I will send my blocks image

You can’t set a Collin Tree listview with a String, it requires a multi-leveled List.


io this is my blocks so you can tell me how setup

Bro help me,
I want some help, If you are free then please help me.

Now I’m making an app that contains dynamic links of PDF files, But problem is when I try to open the file using extended web view extension this will download PDF File every time in phone.
I want to download one time only (If file exists then without download file opens automatically).

I hope you will help me I don’t get any solution from any where.

Help me :(:slightly_frowning_face:

you can use tinydb

use activity starter to show pdf in app.

bro i think use aix YouTube check

ya you can but from activity starter you can directly open pdf in kodular app. No external app needed.
If you want i will provide you blocks

bro my problem is solved but one problem i can’t
get all value why

can you please tell me clearly. I didn’t get you.