How to store hindi languge in mysql databse

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I am going to make a news app but iam facing problem to get data from mysql because iam making a hindi news app and i don,t know how to store hindi data in mysql my application working fine with english content but when i change news content in hindi then iam getting index issue in myu while fetching data from mysql.

iam also search this in internet and i got two option for change column data type to “utf8 general ci” or “utf8 unicode ci” i also do this but problem not solve please help me.iam stuck on this problem with two days!

Then encode your data using url encoder it will work…
Just give it a try :wink:

what is url encoder is there any extension?

No its a block in web component

there is a topic about it I can’t look for now … but there are

give me link

Mysql language error This Topic

Not sure need of any link just open your kodular creator
Then use web component and try it to encode a text with url encoder block and then decode it with url decoder to view

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Ok i will use web commoponent to encode text and then store in mysql but how to decode all data while fetching in app because iam getting list of data from mysql so how to decode list data?

in list data i have 7 index every index have another character like integer,time stamp,id,tittle,description,content,imglink

so how can i do with list of data?

or no need to decode data while fetching please tell me.hope you will understand my english!

but iam getting list of data so how to do?and in a list i have 8 index and every index have their own character type

Do you Read a Topic ?

which topic?

Friend, I posted up there. Read the topic calmly.

When u r getting data for every index then decode it with url decoder block its very simple just give it a try then if you fail to achieve then let me know we all here to help you whenever you are stuck
So don’t worry

Thank You s!r love you

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Not solved iam getting index issue same as before and when i delete encoded row app working fine with english text.Not work Now help me

Show your related blocks so that i can get the point where you are making a mistake

when i get data this is working fine with english content

this is for upload data as you say to encode text

Ok u r encoding perfectly now use url decoder block after (its example for your one block extend it to all others too) set news title block text… Now before adding select from list index block use url decoder block
Set news titile slider block text = url decoder and then add your select list index block and so on

Did you get my point??