How to store text under categories

Hey, I’m making an app and I want to make it so that under videos there will be comments. I made it to create dynamic layouts with text in them I just have a problem with saving them.


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Do You Mean You’re Making App Like Youtube?

Yea something like that but offline, it doesn’t matter tho what matters is how to save the comments, do you know how to do it?

You can use TinyDB and dictionaries for that if you are making it offline.

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Dictionaries? I know what it is but I have no idea how to use it all I know is it is kind of smiliar to lists I think?
Can you please give me a code example for it?

Search the forum. There is a good tutorial available.

If you know there is a good tutorial available can you give me the link please?

People like you are so lazy these days. You can’t even be bothered doing a simple search.

Here is the guide.

I can be bothered to do it and I did it but I can’t find anything relateble to saving data in categories or colums

Thanks for the guide on the dictioneries, but there is 1 problem. You can’t make dynamic varibles so I can’t automaticlly create a dictionary for each video.

I’m just wondering, if your app is offline then how can content creator or admin or other users will be able to see user’s comments?

BTW, concept is nice. you should make it online

Online database for everyone to see and enjoy all videos.

1 - Database NoSQL- Excellent Guide :

2- Database SQL


I started making this app in mind of my little sister who likes to pretend she’s a youtuber and she’s recording videos on her phone, I wanted to make an app which works offline for her to post them and get likes and views, do live’s with random comments I made and see random comments under video’s. I’ve now found a way to make it and save them I think so I don’t need anymore help with it for now.

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