How to stream videos/songs in firebse without download

without downloading to device, can we stream videos./ songs using firebase? if so how?

Yes… set source to the link of video/audio

P.S - Need a fast internet connection

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Yes, you can upload it to firebase storage ( which has limitations if FREE).

I don’t recommend firebase if you are an individual developer as firebase is expensive !!

How to get that link from firebase for streaming… i think currently we can only get download url…
@aravind_chowdary_in what do you suggest then

the download url is the url of the video/audio…

@Souvik_Bera i know… the problem is these files get downloaded into the device and causes storage issues

Someone has tried this or not.

If anyone gets extension then please send it to me because app is not installing on my device.

That’s great! Thanks all for your responses. It’s useful.

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