Play a Song from Fire base with or without downloading

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I am just trying to build a audio book app in my local language. the concept is that the app will play audios from fire-base. I successfully downloaded the audio files from fire-base, but I am unable to create a blocks to play that downloaded song. I tried media player. EXO player, but couldn’t achieve, request your suppor on this.


Didn’t know that was possible to upload media to Firebase! :astonished:

can you show your blocks of what you tried?

(between exoplayer is little buggy don’t use it)

are you sure the file path is correct for Aud1.mp3

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The Download component basically saves in the download folder:

try this:

Thanks Finally Got it.

Remove the folder /download from your device and run your app again. Now check if the folder /storage/emulated/0/Download/ has been created on your device.

If the folder /download was created manually before, it will also be used by the Download component. So it does not matter if /download or /Download. Both work.