How to update values in firebase data in a specific tag

I m using firebase database and want to change values in a specific tag
like foe example in my attached screenshot i want to change wished areas when users changes his intrests


how can i change only “wished areas” value without changing or touching other ones i.e user name , his travler Id ???

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Get the value as a list and replace the item index 3

Get user data from firebase,
changed needed fields,
update firebase value with the new value

It’s gonna work in offline lists only i want to save changed vslue again in firebase

In this way i have to update the whole tag but i want to update that only specific value

Edit then store again.

Plz can u elaborate it with some blocks.!

  1. Get the value from Firebase and save it in a list within your app.
  2. Edit that list.
  3. Store the edited list to Firebase.

The way you have organized the data in your firebase, the only solution is to do what @Hassan tells you

Another solution is to organize the data so that each tag has only one value. You can give each user an id number and put their data inside…

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