Update firebase at index ","


From the picture above. I stored my user details by separating it with this symbol " , "
If user want to update something, lets say the password which is in the second index. How can I make the value To Store go to the second index and update it there. What should I use, so that it will work.

Why not make a separate Tag and Value for each so you can update dem easily?

You can upload them with:

Tag1 = /shophname

Tag2 = /pass


If I do that, then each user will have around 8 tags and it would be a bit difficult for me

Otherwise you store your list again - keep the values you want and change only password value, because in both cases - list or dictionary hole value in specific tag is replaced

If you show the method of storing the values in fb, we will sugest you the best one

This is the easiest method to replace the nth item of the list in firebase
Before using the bloc firebase structure is,


after using the below block, i changed the second item of the specific user tag



If you are using specific tag, you must be cautious… Pls try like above said way , if possible…

by using the index number easily you can change/update any item for a specific tag

Thank you so much. This will work

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NS: Make sure you are using proper project bucket
else nothing will be returned. or overwritten with new bucket

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Noted and thank you so much again

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