Store multiple data in one tag

i want to store multiple data in one tag (firebase database ) example : making a chat app and store timestamp , profile , username . how to do it under single tag

Did you try with make a list block

no but please tell how to do

this one

Its very simple

Store data block

Call data block

After got data block

Yes the same, while retrieve don’t forget to use select list item list block

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ok thanks for helping

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what i want to fill in block "SELECT LIST ITEM LIST:

INDEX : 3 .

what to fill at list

List = value

show this error

Index 1 will give you 1st item saved in the make list item likewise other item

Before that, first you need to get the saved tag item from which only you can use select list item values

Time is card as 3rd item so you should use index as 3

look it this is what i did

No image. Edit the post and reupload

Did you saved item before using this option?

Ate you getting values when data changed ?

Your blocks says, you plan to extract but no further block to saving the values. Procedure alone is there… did you use the procedure?

i did not understand what you said please say in more understanding method

  1. Save the data in firebase with the help of taht procedure
  2. Then you try to extract it

I hope you not yet saved the items in firebase in list

There is no connection between the procedure and when data changed block