Is there a way to get a specific value from a firebase tag?

If I am saving a list in firebase is there a way to get a specific value instead of whole list from firebase database?

Most Probably NO.

(i can be wrong)

if you can Store each item in a Specific Tag, then only i think it’s Possible.


yes, it is possible

Noice answer a hint to the process would be really good

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You can work with these blocks:

It works like a Queue. But the problem is, that you can only add at the end and remove at the begin.

you can use these blocks

blocks - 2020-11-15T195921.516
get value using index

What if I need a specific value from 40 item list.

I am aware of this, But you will still transfer the whole list to your app

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blocks - 2020-11-15T200138.028
get value using item name

I think, this is not possible. You has to download the complete list.

Ok lemme explain
If 120 kb list available
As soon as you request value stored under tag
120kb list is transferred then you are selecting specific item from list

But I wanted to see if I can get specific value not the whole list.

get the Whole list from firebase as it will never increase your app size

What would be more logical and better
If I had 3x 40 item list
making single tag and storing as list
Single value in single tag?

Efficiency my friend. Size is never the problem

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Thank you everyone for helping out.

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Totally Depends on your App.

If at a time you only have the use of a Single or Two Values, then there is No Problem storing them all in a different Specific Tag.

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Thank you @ADDYLIN
That will help a lot

happy koding

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