Gettings values from Firebase

Hi all,

I working to build app (Cashier) for my job to help me save cashier invoices on firebase.

I faced problem at getting values from firebase. So I will explain to you.

I have list of items (for example: B01, B02, B03) 3 items.

I want to do get value of each item in this list (Each item as tag) Seperated.

I tried that with different ways but unfortunatly I fail.

Can anyone explain to me how we can do that correctly without mistakes?

Note: I tried with (For each item), (For each number), Made variables like (Counter) and (Length of list) blocks.

Put in your mind that firebase response at getting values takes a little milliseconds.

Am I use clock component? Is it may solve this matter?
Or no?

Can you post a screenshot of your firebase structure ?

Hi @dora_paz,

Thank you for quick reply.

Here is screenshots of message, blocks and firebase sructure.


When press (Cash) button


Firebase structures

Unable to see your firebase structure clearly. If you say your process let me help you to solve it. Actually as per your procedure app is ready with two values only but you are trying for the third value.
Pls explain your procedure.

Tip: First of all in any app development use Best Practices

And In your logic, you didn’t use best practices

Give me a source of this app so I will try to fix this error because you didn’t give a right logic

Yes, exactly.

My list is a multiply of three (Each element have 3 values followed)
For example: Amount1, Name1, Code1, Amount2, Name2, Code2, Amount3, …etc)

I need to get value from each third of each element (Code) :point_up_2:

So, what is the correct way to do that?
I hope you understand me perfect

That is not a big issue, but in your structure data is not in yeh format you said… it is having like ,
Number, Date, Time, amount, Id…

So which is correct? As You said or as the above.

Also show us what you have tried… we will suggest you to modify the blocks in the exact point.

Hi @Still-learning ,

I will explain a bit more to you.
Now I have list of (9) items. this list contains three tags sequential (Amount,Name,Code).

  • Amount 1
  • Name 1
  • Code 1
  • Amount 2
  • Name 2
  • Code 2
  • Amount 3
  • Name 3
  • Code 3

Now I need to do GetValue from Firebase by third item (Code) for all. So, we need to make variable as list (Code1,Code2,Code3). Now, I need to do GetValue by tag (Code1) then (Code2) then (Code3)

I mean once I got value of Code1 , then do something. afterthat, Get value (Code2) … etc. Until last one.

That is all I need.

So, How can I do this?

I tried this blocks. But only the first tag has trigged. :confused:


Also I tried this blocks.


Unfortunately :confused:

yes, the same only i am working on it…Do not use like this… wait…

see what i have tried,


here i have used first code to get data. there if you modify, you can extract all data

if you modify like this, then it will give you all the data of the code (get value)


Still my request does not solve :confused:

Can any one help me how can we make firebase automaticly gets a values from list of tags.

GetValue tag (1)

Do something

GetValue tag (2)

Do something


Until last tag of list

For your kind information, you have provided incomplete information. We both worked how for you have tried, and said…

And if you look into my firbase structure you can see that.

Also you are telling, do something - But actually what to do?.

If your query is clear, suggestion will be faster. I repeat pls see to my post

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