How can I get the data value one by one

How can I write individual data to labale?
Ekran Görüntüsü (31)
Ekran Görüntüsü (32)

The logic is, first get all data, get length of the list, and use clock component to print every value one by one in particular interval

I did not understand
Do you have a block code example?
Can you be more descriptive?

clock is not efficient, I think continuity can be achieved by using firebase get value parameter
I do not know how to do it

You wamt only tag list or value of the tag too?
Want to come one by one in label? Or all value at a same time?


one by one
only version and array arrived data content needed
so it should write 8.6

Expecting like this?

no no
I want you to write this

Will you use firebase authendication later in app?
like this you want?

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yes this is the solution but how did you do it
can you post aia or code block

Just use web component method… URL will be your firebase url + project bucket + .json

Got it?

What does this have to do with the web?

web will give you the data orderly or else try like this
this too will give you same result


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