How to upload data to cloudinary by using admin panel

I try to used this block I got the thumbnail to my airtable but I can’t get the video link.
I think their is a little mistake while uploading data to cloudinary I can’t get the video to the cloudinary. So please help me. How to upload data to my cloudinary storage.

VideoPlayer Is Playing is not a link.

Bro, I try to show the video I had selected in the video player… How to get the link and what block should be put in.

A path is needed to upload media files but as @asimjib93 has already mentioned that VideoPlayer.IsPlaying is not a path.
You should use VideoPlayer.path block.


Which block I should use.

There is no block which returns path.
But you can save it in a variable and retrieve it when needed.

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Ok I will try it…thank you so much bro.

I try is block but when I click video picker an alert message is showing unable to load/storage/…mp4. Help me how to fix it

Yes that will not work.
Use block named videopicker.selection from property blocks.

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I can’t get the video link and can’t upload to the cloudinary… How to do help me please.

I’m not sure about the problem.
But Cloudinary database has limits for free accounts. Moreover the size of the video matters. Kindly check if the free quota storage was full or not.

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Ok bro, I will check it.

Yes @plantdoc2018 you are right.
When I looked at error code 701 I suspected that storage is full either of server or database.
So @kweng if error code is related to cloudinary server then it will be solved in few hours(days) and if it is related to your database then you have free up some space.

I change my cloudinary database and the video I upload is only the size of 2.5 mb but the problem is being facing. I don’t understand to do.


I think I’ve found it…I think It’s because the app could not handle the pressure of uploading 2.5 Mb video file.

Searched on internet and found this. Try to upload lower size file and let us know.

Ok i will try it low size file…but I would like to know is that is there any mistake in my block… Thanks for giving kind information.