How to use a screen multiple times to show web_viewer content

I want to use a screen multiple times to show content in Web_Viewer form different web pages.

For example:
There will be buttons like below:

  1. Google (
  2. Facebook (
  3. Times (

When the user will click on the button Google, the screen name “content” will open and there is a Web_Viewer component and website will show here.

Similarlly, when the user will click on the button Facebook, the same screen name “content” will open and website will show in Web_Viewer component.

Same for the button Times.

Could you please tell me how can it’s possible? Please tell me the easy/best way.

Thanks in advance.

When button1 clicked, just pass the url using open another screen with startvalue method (same logic for other buttons).

When next screen opens, set webviewer url to <get startvalue>

That’s all! Pretty simple!

Anyway, I suggest you use layouts in spite of different screens!

Thank you asimjib93 for your reply.

I made that like below:


Please don’t forget to share your opinion/suggestion. Thans again.


You are good to go with the above blocks you posted. :+1: You can also try:

blocks (10)

blocks (11)

blocks (12)

blocks (9)

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This will be better… Always try to use procedure if you want to do multiple operations but with same procedure. So we can minimize the number of blocks, Well done @asimjib93 :clap: :clap: :clap:


Hi asimjib93, Your blocks are better than me. I will try to make the changes. Thanks again for your valuable suggestion :slight_smile: