How to use async loader to get many images from airtable and to display in cardview

I want to know how can I use async loader with card view. Actually I am calling more than 20 images from airtable database and I want to display it in card view.
So please guide me how to do it…if possible send a screenshot please…

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If you can spend money then buy @Deep_Host extension


I know that, but I don’t have that much money…

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what is the name of extension?

You don’t have to buy any extension if you know how much picture u want to show. You have one in-built option in Kodular, possibly at image section or utility section (could not recall properly) Search for it. Else you have one free extension “Async Image loader” by Colintree.Just google it to dowload.

Use image inside card-view with design of ur choice.

The name of the extension is ’ custom list view ’ and benefit of using it is that it loads images faster.