How to use firebase & change url links on play store without updating the app or users to notice out

Please help me to know how I can change any URL in my app online at anytime for all of my app users published on play store.

I mean that, if the URL link was of my website then I want to change it to my facebook or instagram.

Thanks in advance Makers.

1.Open a firebase console account
2.Create a project & store your links with tag
3.Copy your project url and token(in project settings)
4.Drag a firebase component from storage in your makeroid app project
5.Put your firebase project url and token
6.Call the value your from tags and show it or whatever you want


Thank you goollatk!

That sounds nice but can you help me with that number 6. “Call the value your from tags and show it or whatever you want”

I mean if you show me with Blocks I will be thankful in advance,

Suppose you want a firebase value and show in a label, then your block should be

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Hello goollatk, Thank in advance.

Let me try because I want to build an App for the Internet Radio, So I wanted to do it with Firebase then if I change the link I just want to change it with firebase.

Thank you let me try it the =n I will let you know if I am done with it.