How to use Firebase Remote Config. component

I want to know how to use Firebase Remote Config component which is added in the new release. Please make Docs for it ASAP or explain it here.

Hello at frst. If you can see, the developer made a great job and gave us new components. I dobt see that you said thank you guys or anything else in that way. But what i read is, make ASAP. I think this is not the right way if you want something. Why not say, hey guys, thanks for the new components, please can you help us/ me and give us a Doc for the new component because i dont know how to use it.
You sentence is very unfriendly i think.
I think if you are more friendly, you will get more reaction as with a unfriendly question or sentences.

But if you want to use it. The same components are on Block2Code , maybe there is a Doc for that there, Or you look into the firebase doc and try to understand how this components could work.

If you dont want to try on your own, than you have to wait like we all.


I can provide very little here…

Use the GetText block, you can get the value you put for the Parameter in Firebase. So let’s say my key is french_fries and my value was I love them, then it would get I love them, if you wanted to get the text from the key french_fries.

You can add, delete, and modify values from


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Firebase Auth works only in a builded APK and not with Companion. Maybe that Remote Config works only a builded APK too. I dont know this, bc i dont use the Remote Config. Remote Conifg is like a Database. In a builder, to use the remote config is not the same as you use it with android studio or eclipse, bc it is much more work to integrate strings from remote config, as you use it in android studio. But it is a nice feature if you make complex APPS with Kodular and integrate the Component from start of coding.

Anddddddddddddddd you’re wrong.

Correct, correct, and no third one.

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Than tell me more about Remote Config, I read the whoke Firebase Docs about that. I dont say its a Database, I mean its like a Database. You can make a welcome sceen and you put in Hello. Each 12w hours the cache will checked and take the string what you put in in firebase. (Hello)
Than at one day its christmas and you change the word in: I wish you a merry…
The app load the new string and display it in the screen for the user. This is a Example of what you can do with that. There are more thing, i know but this was a small Example.
The Welcome Labe changed without a app update.

Yeah, I know you were saying it is like Firebase Database, but it’s not. It basically is :joy: Except requires less blocks to get a value. and can’t create values from in app.