How to use Get property and set property in dynamic component extension

Help me to use get property and set property in dynamic component extension. Give me some suggestion or example of the property name in the block . :pray::cry: .
I know some names like FontSize,Text etc .
But i want to do this with every property.
Please help me


here you can use any property,
Name - Width
Vaue 50 or

name - Height : value 50 or
name AlignVertical value 2


What For spinner font size ?

you can try with


Boxes indicate the Property name

arrow indicated the Property value


What about niotron :sweat_smile:

this is kodular… so ask your query about that, pls…

So how can use dynamic component set property for change the spinner text size or font size in
" kodular "


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The name of the property

you write what type of property you want… i have showed you in the previous image

You could use set properties blocks. SpinnerTextSize sets the size of the spinner selected text. FontSize set size of items in dropdown menu

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