How to use Guerilla Mail

I got Guerilla Mail on google as a temporary email sender. but I don’t understand how to use the API in Kodular. Can anyone help me? I use this for OTP Email

Guerrilla Mail Link :

Please elaborate to help community understand first. You migh like to attach link to the product you’re talking about.

Done, i’ve been attach link of that site

You need Read about the API on it page. You need to understand which parameters will be needed (some are mandatory and some are not) to pass the API and what the API return. Usually the API returns in Json format. So with Kodular blocks (dictionary) you take the parts of the Json return and use it in your App.

Do they provide an API?

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Try to follow this.

Do you know Any reference project in kodular?
Maybe can make me understand easily

The First step is You understand how an API works.

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I can check the API when I get some spare time.

Thankyou, im waiting for that