How to use JavaScript in WebViewer?

I am new to makeroid and Android app development. I want to run a JavaScript snippet after a WebPage loads in the WebViewer.

How can I do that?

I tried to do it using an extension called WebView Tools. But this extension is NOT compatible with Makeroid and doesn’t work at all. Here is a screenshot how I did it:

But got the following error:

Please help me how can I do this? :(:neutral_face:

Webviewer extensions dont work in Makeroid

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En…Makeroid’s webviewer can’t using extension. If you want to run js, you can add js in your HTML file.<html>{your HTML}</html><script>{your js}</script>

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But I want to run the JavaScript on the website homepage: How can I do that? Can you explain a bit more?

@Sander Sir, is there any plan to add the facility to run custom JavaScript in the loaded webpage of the WebViewer component in near future?

I also made a feature request here: Ability to run custom Javascript in WebViewer Component - IWant - Kodular Community

Please look into it. :slight_smile:

@pavi2410 is working on the webview

html file with javascript not working even i upload java files linked to html in asset. It works on other platform like appybuilder and thunkable so there must be some problem with web view please fix it soon sir!

I talked to @pavi2410, he told that work is going on in this regard and this feature will be added in the next build of makeroid if everything goes right. :wink:


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