How to use the component clock

I need that every day of the month the app wipes the user card

how do i use the day of the month component for this ?

somone help me :confused:

a specific day or every day?

specific day

you know how to make it ?

it can be useful?

thatโ€™s right but
What would it be like using the system internal time?

The problem is that the app must be opened that time, because, it doesnt works on background.

so because of this I am asking how can I use the system internal timer

I think you wonโ€™t be able to do it until MIT releases the service option

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but there is the option in the clock component

But it wont work. At least you have the app opened on that time. The app wont open automatically

It only works if the app is open. You should create a check by checking if the reset was performed in the current month and saving the condition in the round so that even once the set day is opened, it is reset only once, perhaps at the beginning of the month. More is not feasible