Little Confused with Component "Clock"

Hi Koders,
I am making some app, in which when the users open my app for the first time then it would be trial to use that app for 3 days, I am confused with clock component and also little noob in it, Can anyone say me how to do that, when the trail ends it should start the particular activity.

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can you quickly show the blocks you have tried so far?

I recommend using an API which returns the date and time, because the clock component can easily be tricked when the user just changes the time in the settings app.

But how can I use it?

instead of clock component use tinydb to store the date when first time app is used, if the app is used for next time if it got value then trial ends.
Please consider that date is from server so that no one can bypass the trial.

here’s the tutorial to get date from web

sounds good. How to prevent the app from being reinstalled. With IMEI that is stored on a server? Query about this when starting the app for the first time?

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I use google authentication in my apps with that user ID is got and the date is stored under ID in firebase.


you could store a text file somewhere and check, if that file is already there on first run of the app

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