How was my app? Why rejected?

Hello koders.

Yesterday i submitted my app for ads approval but it got rejected for this reason “low quality content or not following our guidelines”. So here i am giving my app screenshot and my approval for using contents.

What is my app name?
EZ Learn

App description
An app to get Udemy free courses and coupons from udemy course authors through API.

My website and my own API got approval from udemy to create client application to use Udemy API.


App screenshots:

Response from kodular for ads approval:

Third party content used:

  1. Flaticons - I used free flaticons assets and gave attributes in my app

Now i am looking for reply from kodular staff/review team. Thankyou


are you using web viewer no

@gopi Same problem occured with me but, when I wrote it in a formal way, it got approved. You must even tell about images in your app and give the link of the respective sources and for the extensions, if they are paid, write the name of the Developer and if they are free, then also write the name of the developer and write the source as Kodular Community. Your app will surely get approved.

I already gave the links of assets while submitting for approval. I haven’t used any paid extensions

By the way, your app is looking awesome

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No enhance show there ads when your ad failed to load. So which is equal to kodular commission

@UnknownBeast look at this Alternative Method to show Admob Ads - 100% Working - #39 by AryanGupta

BTW don’t go #off-topic

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I got my app Rudra Translate aprroved in just 3 hours by Kodular Staff as i wrote it in a very explanatory and formal way


I appealed for review. Why this much time?

Kodular Team Have Thousands of app for approval and admin staff is have only 8 persons.

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When i submited for ads approval it got reviewed and rejected within 12hrs then i appealed still haven’t reviewed

So if what your previous app is on the toplist of checking and you present app is in the last of the list.

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Yeah may be

Once again my app got rejected because of low quality content.

App link : EZ_Learn.apk - Google Drive

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because you are using web viewer please write your own thought on that dont put web viewer you have to make a your enroll payout function on that and write your own content

What? Have you installed my app?

I am not using any webviewer in my app.

i can see with your screenshot from screenshot it would like web viewer that why i telling