I am calling data from json file and I want to show that data in list view

I am calling data from an external json file and I just want to display its name in list view can anyone please guide me how can i do that

thanks in advance
juned adenwalla

Have you searched in community? Refer any suggestions??

Also you didn’t share how would be your JSON structure .

Check this methodology and try to rr construct your blocks if it is different than this

my json file : https://thepager.in/wp-json/wp/v2/posts/

my kode :

error I ma getting :

You have to understand the structure of your json. Your json is an array that has 100 objects so here is an example of how you can retrieve data

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thanks for helping but in return of this code i am getting an empty screen

how can i show the data in list view

You have to use that list somewehere for example as elements in list view, also this is an example you have to complete code in order to get more info from json :slight_smile:

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thank you very much for your help, but sorry a last issue i am facing is that i am calling title tag from my api but its not only showing title but showing this text also {“renderd” then text how can i remove thsi

I only want content after renderd:


Thank you for helping and guding me i tried to add this code in colin tree list view because i want to display and image in the list with text but this is the error i am getting

or how can i modify the style of list filter any idea

It would be easier if you pm me your aia to check it :slight_smile:

Is image used also from json ?

sure, no just a static image uploaded in app files and whenever the user click the list i want to redirect them to the url of that post thats it

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