I am getting error while building apk, i want to remove admob extension but how?

I want to remove this admob extension. because my app is not opening. so how to remove this extension. there is no delete button
please help

I think you have to reload it

i tried it many times, but not working

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after that when i import aia again in kodular, there is error " aia not support"

Did you follow the above procedure correctly? Is the file that you are trying to upload in the form of .aia ?

i export aia, then export zip to folders ,now delete external components admob extension , again convert to aia, now getting error

You can pm me your aia if you are not able to do

I will do it for you

how to pm?

Click on my profile and press message

You do not convert to aia, aia is a zip file

Problem solved via pm

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