Malicious extension?

I can not say. Try to contact the extension developer.

Grab the logcat then.

Ah! :pensive: Removing this extension will break the app, otherwise I will be trying removing this extension.
Anyway! Let me try a few more hours to fix. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try to fix it myself first, then will try to get help from the extension developer.

Try making a duplicate copy of that project then import it in creator.
Remove that extension, build and see whether it crashes or not ?

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The fix didn’t change any project data. Perhaps something else is causing the issue. Please open a new topic in #discuss and attach any relevant logs


Thanks for the confirmation. I am checking other possibilities too.

I had Admob extension in my project and now i can’t delete that extension. What to do now?

You must replace existing extension usages with our native components

how can i do this ? i had imported that extension i replaced all the function of that extension with inbuilt blocks but cant delete that extension

Where you were using the extension, replace blocks and UI with our components

i already did but there is no delete option behind the extension

You can also delete extensions from aia.

i want to delete that admobintersitial extension. How can i do this?

how?? can you guide me?

Search in the community.
You will find something useful.

nothing relatable :pensive: :pensive:

how can i delete that admobintersitial extension?

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not sure

you can export the aia and then change the extension of the file to zip after that


you will see something like this , then click on assets folder then on externalcomps folder

it would look like this

the extension package name would be displayed as a folder , just delete that and then change the file extension from zip to aia and the extension will be removed

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thanks alot

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