I am new to Kodular, I was before an AppyBuilder

i am new to kodula i was before HappyBuilder and i dont know how could i see my package name and how could i change it cause i transfer it from appybuilder,
second i still paying subscription to Happybuider if i want to use admob should i transfer subscription to Kodular
third - is there any blocks explain how to use Firebase like transfer notification

it’s closed

I think you meant appy builder

I think you mean Appybuilder


Yes I was in the Appybuilder

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@chaboyal Welcome to Kodular,
Appybuilder is now closed. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your previous aia to kodular.
You have to build your apps from scratch on Kodular. For subscription refund or transfer to kodular you can contact HosseinAmerkashi or maybe Deigo for the same.

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This is not quite right. We had all the time to download our projects from AppyBuilder and most of then can be imported to Kodular with no problem. Problem might occur if we used components or extensions that are not compatible with Kodular like kitchensink, ftpmanager, dateutils

As for package name see below posts

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You were once an Appybuilder.

You are now a Koder.

When did I day that they did not give time. But for now one can’t export their project.

Not in my case. Even my simplest projects won’t run even without any of these components. What do you expect one to import - a blank screen.

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