I can not sort dictionary with integer key

hahatest.aia (407.7 KB)

What is problem? I was fighting with this problem for 5hours… :thinking:

also not working with this

What exactly do you want to achieve ?

as you seeing

need metaphor?

“what is in pocket?”
“an apple, a banana”

“then find an apple in the pocket!”
“nothing in there!”

even there is on title?

You are not sorting anything this way and if you correct the blocks you will get the same dictionary

Sadly, im talking about even

this is not working
in otherwords, can not use “get” with “get value for key” if its made by INT

just i didnt add “sort” part, if its work, sort will be work naturally.

how about this?

also not working

result : nothingnothingnothingnothingnothingnothingnothing
why don’t you test it once?

Is this what you want ?

point is, “ITS NOT POSSIBLE” even if i add sort block whatever.
how about to test aia file once??

Well everything is possible, blocks are draggable

blocks - 2022-05-02T205835.718

blocks - 2022-05-02T205838.769



i was talking about bugs and bug is not solved,
but i understood about for “change to int”

thank you