Wha am I doing wrong? retrieve data from Firebase + dictionary

Hi there, I am 100% aware this is a stupid question that shouldn’t being asked here, but I got some medicine and my brain is not working as it should, and I can’t wait the effect to pass. I am trying to make it work since almost 2 hour ago and still couldn’t find out why it is not working.

If any good soul could help me I will be very thankful

Use is a dictionary? block and see whether global list is a dictionary or not


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Result:: true
That is the result when I click in the label. Forgot to add in the first post.

You do not get any value for keys and uses values for not found. Please use Do it and post a screenshot of your global variable

Oh I used the is a dictionary? block with the local variable value of the “for each key with value in dictionary” block, and the result was false. I guess it is here where the problem is. But still, I didn’t understand why it resulted false.

Now I made a little change in the blocks to show the data in the notifier:

And that was the result when I click in the label:

I get 5 like this, each one with data related to the key selected

I believe what I did above is the same that you wanted, right?

If you wish post your aia here or pm me your aia to give it a look

I have tried like this and got response
My Firebase structure:


My Blocks


Here keys stands for the tags (user1,user2,user3). If there is no dictionary against each user then you can use the value block but details are stored as dictionary so i tried like above and got response like this

You can reduce the block in this way too

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