I can't upload files in custom webview

When I try to upload files in first time it is working and for the second time when I try to upload files it is not opening.
Please help me as soon as possible to fix this problem.

Hear is the screenshot of my blocks

This is the project file… Please help me as soon as possible
Raytify_Start (1).aia (303.7 KB)

I upload photo two times its working for me. So what’s problem you are facing provide some more details

First time just click camera icon and when go to file manager,come back without selecting any file…
then try for the second time

The problem recorded

Yes i checked.
I think the problem is in extension.
So i recommend to use kodular original webview component
Raytify_Start_Modified.aia (301.6 KB)


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blocks (1)
Then how to use this in original version.

Why you need to use it ??

To share posts to whatsapp

Hi! A solution is requred

Which version of extension are you using? Make sure it is the latest. (v12)


Raytify_Start (1).aia (303.7 KB)

This is my project file…
Please make it working properly as soon as possible…
It’s urgent

Do you want like this ???
Here is aia :
Raytify_Start_Final.aia (302.1 KB)
Test apk :
Raytify_Start.apk (5.7 MB)

Please PM me login credentials.

P.S. this works fine for uploading
Raytify_Start.aia (303.3 KB)

Just create an account

No, I won’t.
Anyway, this is working for uploading. Check for your website.

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