I did publish an app yesterday

I did publish an app yesterday.But when I am going to update apps today, it is doing shows

What i do now

You should learn to read what the message tells you.


you have to use your keystore file from the last upload. Take that file and upload it in kodular and than built the apk again and publish it. This will work.

I have tried

you took the worng keystore file.

i took the correct keystore file.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
Sure? The error message say you used a wrong :joy:


dont lie google tell us the truth

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can i recover my app keystore ?
i need update my app

no thas impossible, you can ask google maybe tgey give you they jes

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That is impossible too

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How can i do this

It looks for me like that you dont know anything what you do.
The email decription is clear!
You need android studio for that…