I don,t know how can I fix these error

Hello I am creating a project with agora video call extension my app is working fine before this new update but now I am getting multiple error. I deleted the extension from my project and recast the extension and then uploaded the new extension to my project.

Before update app is working fine.
After update app is unable to export.
Then I recast the extension I am getting another error.

Same extension is working fine in mit app inventer and mit app inventer also works on Android x so why I am getting this error in my project.

Please suggest me an option to solve this​:pray::pray:

The extension developer is saying there is no bug in extension bug is in kodular,s surface view so your getting this error.

I am don’t know Java so I am unable to find the meaning of error.

have u changed the pacakge name?

Did you import project aia from mit app inventor ?

No I only work on kodular

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This is not the error of package name. Read clearly

Are you using any other extensions? If yes then please post them here or which components you’re using in the project.?

Another error? Which?

I haven’t heard about any bug in surface view component or something like this.

BTW, you can try to use the extension in a new empty screen if you faces the same error then according to me the error is probably in the extension.

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Read this post


I already sent 2 screenshot

No! extension is working fine in mit app inventer and niotron builder. The extension developer said that the bug is in kodular,s surface view that,s why I am getting error in kodular. Because this extension use surface view.

Already many users reported that surface view isn’t working.

Same project working fine before update. I have also the apk generate before update that is working fine.

But when I generate new apk now then I get error. I haven’t done any changes yet.