I don't get rows greater than 100 of Airtable


I have a table in Airtable with 250 rows.
When I want to get a row, if the row number is less than 100, I get the data correctly.

If the number of rows is greater than 100, I no longer get any value, not even an error message…


Is it some kind of component error?

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Any one with this same issue???

it is not component error. i think its your free plan which let you call only 100 rows in one API Request.

Actually the Airtable API is the same among the different plans. And he’s not trying to get 100 rows in one request. He just want’s to get one row which has a number greater than 100 (for example row 110).

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Exactly, it’s like @Nikthegreek says. I don’t want to have 110 rows in one request. I just want to get a specific row number.

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@Diego Could this be some kind of bug?

You can use phpmyadmin for database

Yes, I had thought about it… but I don’t know how to use it.

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Same Issue How To Sovle

There is limitation in airtable for fetching rows in free plan is 100.
You can increase by buying premium plans

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Kya 1200 Record Free Me Nahi Milte??

No. Official language is English

You are not paying attention. The idea is not to get more than 100 rows. The idea is to get a single row. A single row that is in position 110 (for example)