I download it, everything seems fine, but the application does not exist

Good evening everyone. I have a problem and would like help.

1 - When I create the APK and perform the installation, everything is perfect, but the process does not return the expected icon. (The APP is downloaded and exists on my Smarphone System, but I can’t open it, it’s like it doesn’t exist)

2 - I researched several topics in the community and got some (Solutions, some suggestions) but I am unsure of the methods, because I am afraid to change my codes in a definitive way.

3 - All my codes are correct, so I believe that it is not necessary to show them. I have no doubts about methods and logic.

4 - I believe that this error started after I made a copy of my application, but I’m not sure about it.

5 - Could someone help me? Are the methods used safe? Can I do them or is there other methods of solving this problem?

6 - Thank you.

Solução! Obrigado!

He said solved thanks, in portuguese.
Please @heliocesar84 the official language and the only one allowed is English, post only in English so we avoid confusion.


I did not notice. Excuse.

Please when you have a time read all community guides.
Anyway you can start from here:

Last point of How to ask a question ?

  • Kodular Community is a place for koders around the world. Everybody has to be able to ask, reply and understand all questions which may affect them
    This is the reason why English is the unique allowed language in public posts.

Thanks so much. Hug.

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