I got an error when uploading .aab file to google play, please help

I got an error of “Found multiple elements for key ‘com.google.android.gms.version’, expected at most one” when uploading .aab file to google play
Anyone can tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!

Check your kodular premium service. I think it has expired, I once had that issue. My kodular account was showing that am on premium service. But could not publish my app on play store because of same error you got. When I resubscribed for a premium service was able to publish the app.

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Thanks for your response. I would try to resubscribe the premium service to see if it works.:blush:

PS:(After finish uploading, I will use other platform to continue my app building progress. Is time to leave kodular and it’s poor paid service)

It has nothing to do whether you are a subscriber or not, so please stop writing false statements.


Next time search the community as this has been requested several times.