I have an idea for my quiz app, but dont know how to execute it

Mine is a GK quiz app with multiple levels. And it has no login system ( I don’t like collecting users data). I would like to implement a “Challenge” system in my app, where the user can generate a temporary name & a random code (that should be deleted once the challenge is over) & an invite friend option . When his friend enters a new name & that unique code the user generated, they both can see a set of multiple choice questions with countdown, they have to pick the right answer within that particular time. The one who get the most right answers wins the challenge. Everything should be deleted once the game is over. Any idea on how to do that ? I’m confused on how to show them the same set of questions at the same time.

i got it.
can u plz tell me which db are you using for questions storage?

firebase realtime

You mean the individual win or loss stats?

You can track individual users without having to collect personal information. Lookup my extension AndroidID.

I meant there shouldn’t be any trace of the challenge. That works realtime only. No leaderboards or anything.

Well that is going to be tricky unless you are using a uniqueID for the user because if the app closes ungracefully, there is no command to delete the content. So you need a unique ID that checks if content is there, if it is, delete it and start fresh.

But how do I make them play together ?

Like you said, you can use a code.

So firebase you have a unique userid, (like with my AndroidID extension) . then when you create a new game, you create an ID, the other user gets the ID and their app looks it up and there ya go.,

But, to make it work, I have to set firebase write permission to true na ? will that be safe ?