Future with Firebase?

Hi everyone, I am making a royal battle trivia game app. I have used firebase and firestore for my application.

I am collecting email and password. The whole point system along with real time gaming is under Firebase database.

Lets say I have 50K downloads. Daily 5K active users.

Is firebase a safe option for expand or later can i change my entire base? Collecting the user informations and bring new login systems?

Like OTP system in future.

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Refer this


Yes, it’s very easy to handle your database from the Firebase console. You can even export/import your real-time database as a JSON file.

Securing your Firebase database is easy when coupled with Firebase Authentication.

We’re planning on introducing more Firebase functionality soon, so it might be worth it to invest time and effort into making a Firebase-based app.

Firebase, when used with few layers of nested tags, is faster than most database services out there. You can also employ Firebase functions to perform server-side operations on your data.

On the cons side, their free plan allows for a max of 100 simultaneous connections. If your app is going to surpass that restriction, you can always pay and buy their Blaze plan.


Thank you very much for answering.

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