What to do if users cross more than 10k

If i make a app using firebase authentication, push notification, admin app
If my users got more 10k what to do then? Because firebase is just free for 10k users.should i use my onw database?

Nothing in the world is truly free. Even if you host your own database, it will cost something. You may spend less money, but to build a server that’s comparable to Google’s, you’ll be spending quite some time. Ultimately it comes down to which way you want to scale - and generally self-hosting is preferred due to the extreme costs associated with Firebase.


Either way you will need to spend. However before deciding which way to go, consider the following:

  1. Personal database is great and gives you much freedom and control. But it requires server and database management skills, security and making sure it is always app. This is great if you have a skilled team and always available to monitor the health of your database.
  2. Firebase on the other side gives you less control but takes care of the rest. You pay for what you use and your worries are channeled o your app and updates, server issues are taken care of.

I’d advice that you first come up with a strategy to get the most out of your 10k users such that the app can sustain itself by paying the server bills and also have enough profit for your work. With the cash flowing in, then and only then should you start thinking of which way to go.


Thanks man :heart: