I have problem with converting html text to plain text ..so suggest a method or any extension

how to convert html text to plain text…

Have you tried this component?

For more info

I have not tried it but …please Extension name…?

This isn’t an extension, it is a Kodular’s component


thanks… for replying

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This method is not converting my html to plain text…please how can i solve this problem…or sugest if any extainsions…

Could you post an example of your html or a screenshot of your blocks ?

what do you mean? html infact IS plain text.

It is my birth place and living here since 1998.

These types of HTML data is stored in my airtable database but I want to show this data in my app in dynamic list view like plain text like----( It is my birth place and living here since 1998.) but in dynamic list view I am unable to show plain text from html text.

So data in airtable is stored like this ?

<p>It is my birth <i><strong>place</strong></i> and living here since <i><em>1998</em></i>.</p>

If you are using dynamic compnents extension just set property of label to use HTML format

i have made the lable to html format still no impprovement…please any alternative solution…

Post a screenshot of your blocks and of the html

A simple example