I have problems with my project, error message is "attempt to invoke virtual method"

Current i have these errors, I don’t know who can help me. Please

Run error (screen) :


other error, but message alert notification:


Search community. This has been already answered.


how do i find it? with what title?

This error arises when using dynamic components extension and the problem is when you didn’t provide correct ID for the given component.

So, check your each block and ID or post your blocks.


See here Search results for 'attemp to invoke virtual method order:latest' - Kodular Community


These are the blocks of the screen that when I enter it shows me the errors that I shared previously.




Error is in below blocks:

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Thank you very much friend, everything worked correctly for me, but what happened? What error are those 2 blocks causing?

In view flipper you have to use image names by making a list.

For eg.
Make a list 1. Test1.png and test2.png

Add minimum 2 images.

but I want to bring those images from the firebase

May be image links will work, try putting image links in make a list block.

you mean the firebase links? worse I want it to be automatic, I don’t want to be putting url to hundreds of images haha

Okay, keep as it is but only add one more item in the list and try.

And also which block is that above view flipper?

is the flipper_view


Above view flipper block.

Firebase storage, get
File name


I do not understand what you want to tell me, but how is it I tried now and it does not work either, of course bringing the images from the firebase which is what I want.


well you must … imagen_negocio -picture was imagen_negocio2 - picture hahaha
but it doesn’t matter, it should work that way too

Does the images are showing in image pictures??


I realized that not even because the flipper puts a resource image on it works for me hahah the flipper is the one with the problem I think because I don’t know if the image from the firebase arrives haha

I will change the flipper for the image directly in design see how it goes

First you need images ready to show them in flipper.

So, make sure that images are receiving from firebase.

is that I tried with an image that I already had in the project and nothing I mean, example: 1.jpg or banner.jpg