I make FPS checker but I want to run app in background

I know there is paid extension is available for doing this task. But my said :disappointed: life can’t buy it becoz my age 16​:joy: I not do any job to earn.

But age doesn’t matter in kodular

How to do without paid extension ???

Thank you!!!

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If it can happen without extension then why @Atom_Developer makes this extension

And :kodular: app does not run in background

But I have heard that @annaschawdhary157 has done that

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I expect from kodular with inbuilt components one day Will come. Kodular take to much time becoz last year people ask the same question. I guess we have to wait for next year for background component in kodular.

When extension can do this task then why kodular can’t give in inbuilt components

This great background extension is paid it might be open source

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We hope so :disappointed:

yes @Sumit1334
if u put app as exclude from recent then your app hide from recent but remain in background…You can check developers site for further

Please explain in detail :roll_eyes: @annaschawdhary157

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Yeah please explain. :thinking: