Run download in background

i have created a app in kodular
and used the download component

the problem is that it downloads the file only when the app is open
when the app closes it gives a notification download unsuccessful

see this video and you will see this problem

see video on my website

you can also test my app. the link is given below :
Direct download


Download from my website

Check my aia file please and me if there is any problem with the blocks or not
yt_downloader.aia (318.5 KB)

is there any extension available for this

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hello, for this you must have the background extension first.

then you should use an organized notification extension i.e. a notification extension room that works with the background extension.

background extension is paid
notification extension is free

thank you


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My extension supports Notification Style Extension in the way of Foreground Task Notification : So it is possible to do download in background and show notification for it with background tasks (progress notification) :grin:


is there any other free extension like background task extension


Someone please complete this extension.

hello check my quiz blocks i have sent u

some body can make extension on this background task or this java code incorrect I don’t know because I don’t know java much. In kodular community there are very good extension Developer If some can do this

Looking for expensive thing for free in 2020 :joy:
I also want that extension but I can’t :joy:

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