Need this downloader Extension!

Hey koders,
I need help from extension developer…
Yesterday i have found a GitHub project that is for downloading files…
The best feature in that project is-

  • it suports multi thread download
  • pause/resume function
  • auto retry,etc

and jar file is also included in that project…

there are many more threads on file downloader but the don’t provide jar file but have lots of features like

  • background download
  • creating notification on download…

So if you can make it please make it as it will help many koders and have custom feature in koded browser and many more…


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the extension is made by @Atom_Developer and will be released soon

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I think inbuilt component ( Download) already have two of the functions you listed - -
Like it works in background ( Not on main thread)
It creates notification

yes it have but it don’t support multi-thread download and it also not supports pause/resume…
and in that when notification clicked it open android own layout instead of opening in app

So, Does your extension is gonna be paid.

Free :hugs:

Then it will be an awesome

Ya,its already made and i will publish in sometime


Cool, looking forward to it

:blush: Released


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