I need a Patreon API connection

Hi there,

I need an extension for the Patron API to log in and then retrieve the details.

I would pay for it (Max 80$). But preferably with a litte guide to source code so i can learn to understand it.

Update: I’m trying to fetch the API with Webview and Web Components right now. The Extension would be easier to use but if I get it working I will post a Guide for you.


contact with @vknow360 or @Sumit1334

rather than tagging these two why not tag extension developers group ?


Good Question, This is my opinion because I have already done many projects with them. Their service and support is very good.

I did not look into the API documentation, but what about using the web component?
you do not necessarily need an extension…



Can you link the api docs here?

I am currently trying with the Web Component and the Webview. I now get a token after subscription however the documentation is confusing. I want to find out if the user is a patron and what level he subscribed to.

If I have success with this, I will post a tutorial.


After getting bearer token you can do the following - API Reference

I made an Guide to Connect the Patreon API:


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