How to get data from YouTube API

So over all today I ask in kodular community how to check if user has subscribed a particular channel if user have subscribed then user move to screen 2 if not then pop up message will come. So I get no response how can I do it. So I create a Java program though Google 0 Auth 2.0 to check if a user have subscribed or not. But problem is that there no components available in kodular for doing action. But an extension can perform this action using YouTube data API. So I have JavaScript code , java code to perform this action. If any extension Developer can develop this extension please if you want java code I will give but please make it and if no body is free to make this extension. Please tell me how can I convert my java code into extension file. Please tell me or any Developer can do this. My humble request to you all

Thankyou !!!

If API exist, you can do.

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Yes API exist and I already done this but tell me if total result return 1 then user can go to screen 2 or if return 0 then user can’t go to screen 2. But tell me how my app perform this action and get value 1 to go screen2. Please Tell me

Use the API return. And take, if the API provides, the number of JSON subscribers

You Will need :

Which type extension will use here to get API return and I have JSON tool extension Which possible get data from JSON but how API return which block use or any extension. In android studio this is possible but I want this in kodular

Web Component.
The Component web send :
part = “statistics”
Id = your_chanel_id
key = your_api_Key

But it’s not ideal …

Maybe have a PHP script that receives these parameters and calls the API and returns Json.

But how ??? I know I am disturbing you :sweat_smile: but please tell in detail so I can do or using PHP get JSON to my app

Next step create php script.
Or an extension … but this only with extension developers … :grinning:

You can do that simply by using Web component as far as you don’t require any authentication to receive data from YouTube.

I already explained that … :+1:t2:

But you have to have a little effort and patience…

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Ohh… My bad. sorry… :sweat_smile:

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On the page you have to read and understand. And on the page itself there is an API “tester”.

(now in English, Sorry )

I will try this today if I get any problems then I will ask

But If I using YouTube data API v3 I know there are limits but for using API and I have to pay (money ) for it usage.
I search every where but I not get answer

YouTube API is totally free. You don’t need to pay a single penny. Read this:
Is youtube data api totally free - Stack Overflow.