I need yt video uploader extension

I need a direct video uploader extension for youtube


Why not to try something on your own.


i don’t know how to do that could you please help me or give me a complied extension

I will try to make such

i need urgetly could you make a for me

Oh ! I will try but, I am working on my 360 Youtube player extension so, after making it, I will try to make urs

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I guess you need an YouTube api for this

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Please make i request you… i need urgently …i will pay you pls make

like you want to upload a video to youtube through your app?

Read this and get an api from YouTube and use Web component to upload video

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could you show me how to do that pls

You should try own if you get any problem then post the screenshot of block here. This community is made for solving the problems which you can’t solve otherwise no one is here for working for you and you need to try it kodular block are very easy just you need to understand the function of every component.

@Maxtern I guess the api is for Python as far I have checked

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Hmm… you are right but maybe this possible with vps server other wise if API exists then we can do but we need a logic


there will be a loophole but to get it it is hard

Yes, nothing is impossible let’s see which Koder makes the extension

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Maybe we don’t need an extension because we just have to request YouTube data api maybe…


could you show me a video demo i need it urgently

No one will help you untill you try because we you need API key and oauth 2.0 key for accessing YouTube channel and oauth 2.0 is not easy to get . So get these things and then ask for “how to do”

i will give my my channel access i that i want to publish all videos