Is it possible to verify that the user has subscribed to my YouTube channel?

Is this possible to check if user of my app have subscribed my YouTube

For example

My app open and in my screen1 I have one button1
If user click on button1 and Pop up will come “verify if you have subscribed my YouTube channel” after process done :white_check_mark: then screen 2 will open if user have not subscribed my YouTube channel then screen 2 will not open and Pop up message will come “you have not subscribed my YouTube channel”

If this is possible in kodular
Then please tell with an example

Thankyou !!

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Normally no components are available for this operation

Im not sure if its possible but you can do something like this - maintain a list of emails (on firebase, airtable etc ) which can access your app. Once someone sends you email of youtube subscribed screenshot, you can add them to the list

you can do one thing
ask them to upload a screenshot and then put the screenshot in spreadsheet and tell them to wait until it is checked
then after that you can check the image in airtable and see if they have subscribed or not

Record the user’s registration in an online database. So your app can check if the user is already in the database or not.

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