I need help , the screen can not be save and erase all my codes

I lost all me code when it happened, I want to know as soon as possible how to fix it.
Guys I need your help is an important projet I cannot lose it .

Usually when working with importand projects we backup frequently. Most probably your project got corrupted. If you wish post it here so someone can check it

Finalwork.apk (6.8 MB)
Finalwork (1).aia (311.1 KB)
honeygain_app.apk (7.0 MB)

Finalwork aia is the corrupted one, why did you post also another apk ?

Try this, some blocks probably are missing, for example temperatura procedure but at least not all project is lost

Finalwork_2.aia (309.9 KB)


Not anymore :upside_down_face: Finalwork3.aia (310.9 KB)

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I didnΒ΄t notice that

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Thunks , I really apreciate

How did you do that ? I am really curious !

I donΒ΄t know