I need help with Label <br> and \n

So I am making a chat app. When I have the chat message (label) set to not html, and use the \n, it works fine. I want to make the chat (label) be different colors, so when I set the label properties to html, and use the
instead of \n, it works, but only works once. It breaks the line once, and then doesn’t break the line.

Just use <br> it’s the same thing.

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I did. I thought it was the same too.
does not act the same as \n though. Go test it.

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Its going to the next line, same thing.


No. It only works once with firebase. I dont know why.

Have you got something like that?
Text_Box1.text = join global Username + Text_Box1 + “’\n” + chat.Text
After you do the save process to firebase.

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why do you dont usethe chat view there you can make a color changes easier
and is pretty simple to work with that if you can make chats without them.